Healthcare Automation

Healthcare Services
  • We support hospitals in modernising Emergency, ICU and Operating Room with our digital solutions*.
  • We replace manual tasks and processes through Automation, Connectivity and Analytics and increase patient safety and hospital efficiency.
  • We digitalise paper-based and checklist-type activities and develop Smart Decision Support Systems to increase speed and avoid errors.

1)  Digital support for process organisation

  • We evaluate hospital IT processes (gap analysis) and define/execute digital business models and IT roadmaps
  • We explore opportunities to reduce complexity through digitalisation and automation
  • We streamline workflows and data management and replace repetitive manual processes through robotic process automation to save resources/time and avoid errors
  • We automate preference card management and OR equipment / consumable scheduling process

2)  Digital documentation and communication

  • We remove paper-based records and documents
  • We integrate surgery and anaesthesia documentation and patient preadmission testing process
  • We standardize and digitalise checklist-type activities, automate/cross-reference them to improve patient safety and integrate them into HIS
  • We offer automated electronic prompt on the operating room scheduling
  • We define and execute digital business models  and IT Portfolio

3)  Robotics

  • We track use of robotic instruments (e.g. at da Vinci robot) and improve usage of sterile instruments (cost improvement)
  • We track case progress in real-time and inform OR staff to prep next patient and reduce case delays
  • We identify “Flow Disruptions” during surgery and improve/reduce case time
  • Our flexible tool sets can interface robotics and hospital system as required

4)  Optimisation of work processes through increased use of robotics

  • We offer process automation including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can replace repetitive manual processes in your hospital

5)  Improvement of the precision, safety and speed in diagnosis and treatment

  • We offer analytics tools, data integration, and automation applications

* – Such as that required by the Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz für die Digitalisierung von Krankenhäusern (KHZG) programme in Germany.