Payroll & HR Automation

Payroll & HR Services
  • We assist payroll teams by automating and reducing their manual administration activities
  • We aid payroll & HR processes such as absence, expenses, submission errors, CV filtering, tax returns, RTI filing, starters & leavers, court orders, GL reports and many more
  • We remove paper-based and checklist-type activities and enable payroll & HR teams to focus on the staff activities that add value.

1)  Eradicate manual and repetitive processes

  • We evaluate internal processes for automation potential and assess its complexity to automate
  • We closely work with your process owners to create automations that not only remove manual effort but also improve speed and quality
  • As part of most services we deliver we seek to improve processes beyond their current performance in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage
  • We implement new automations, but also maintain these for many years to come

2)  Digital documentation and communication

  • We remove paper-based records and documents
  • We integrate multiple legacy systems so that an existing investment in IT and long-established processes does not need to be thrown away
  • Our solutions include a detailed set of documents that enable automated processes to be altered and improves as time goes by
  • We define and execute digital business models  and make RPA and AI an inherent aspect of your organisation strategy and structure

3)  Compliance & Governance

  • Our automated processes facilitate your compliance processes, be they HMRC & GDPR rules or CIPD best practices
  • We create submissions or reports to allow you to assess business risks
  • We can monitor exceptions in your processes to fall within accepted criteria
  • Our flexible tool sets enable processes that are joined up with human-in-the-loop capabilities

4)  Optimisation of work processes through increased use of robotics

  • We offer process automation including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that can replace repetitive manual processes in your HR function

5)  Improvement of productivity, responsiveness & quality

  • Our automations first and foremost improve your team’s productivity. However, as your digital workers work diligently 24×7, your transactions get processed far quicker and due to the improved standardisation, overall quality is improved also