Telecommunication Services Automation

Telecoms Automation
  • We automate the admin in both your Operational Support Systems (OSS) and your Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • In both your front office processes such as Customer Service, Provisioning and Billing Admin and your back-office processes such as network design, capacity management and inter-admin accounting (IAA)
  • We replace manual tasks and processes through Automation, Connectivity and Analytics and increase service performance and lower operational costs.
  • We facilitate more rapid product launches through our agile integration of your existing systems.

1)  Customer Service

  • We automate customer support ticket response and triage
  • We enable more rapid resolution of common queries so that Cx staff can focus on the more challenging cases
  • We streamline workflows and data management and replace repetitive manual processes through robotic process automation to save resources/time and avoid errors
  • We automate the analytics needed to measure bottle necks and process pain points so that corrective action can be taken swiftly

2)  Billing Accuracy & Responsiveness

  • We remove paper-based records and documents
  • We analyse billing enquiries in order to detect problem areas
  • We automate recurring billing enquiries in order to increase overall responsiveness
  • We create reports that highlight product issues before they become problems
  • We enable new product launches by more quickly creating billing interfaces and reducing revenue leakage

3)  Marketing Enablement

  • We facilitate network planning by automating demand profiles and competitive analysis
  • We clean up customer lists across multiple marketing databases
  • We automate campaigns across multiple social media platforms
  • Our agile tools ensure more rapid product launches generate expected product revenues more quickly

4)  Field Service Planning Optimisation

  • We can optimise service engineer’s diaries and travel time

5)  Telephony Rate Fraud Detection

  • Our analytics tools can detect unusual usage patterns and flag these for further investigation